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Welcome to FREE Multi WHOIS service.

1. At this site you can check for availability of a domain name.
The difference between this site and others that offer such service is that we support many top level domains. Here you can check for availability of domain names under .COM, .NET, .ORG, .EDU, .MIL, .FR, .DE, .NO, .HU, .PL, .BG, .AT, .BE, .CH, .CZ, .DK, .IT, .LU, .NL, .PT, .CA, .CO.UK, .NET.UK, .ORG.UK, .LTD.UK, .COM.AU, .ORG.AU, .EDU.AU top level domains.

We offer additional services and packages, too. (Read below)

2. Use the following form to check the availability of a domain name (i.e. or Remember, www. is not part of the domain name. Please provide a value for a desired domain name and click on the button "Check!"

3. Get more!
We would like to offer you 4 great packages and 1 additional service for your needs.

Over 120,000 domain names are being registered on the Internet every month. These high demand conditions will most likely not leave many desirable domain names within the next few years.

The best oportunity is to register an easy to remember domain name - 2- or 3-letters long, or your company/personal name.

We collected the list of all available domain names which are comprised of 3 letters and numbers. We update them daily.

The list is divided to 3 sublist:
- List of all available 3-letter domain names under .COM top level domain. This list decreases extremely every day. If you would like to register 3-letter long domain name don't wait until your preffered is not available!
- List of all available 3-letter domain names under .NET top level domain.
- List of all available 3-letter domain names under .ORG top level domain.

We offer 14 2-letters domain names for you. We have opened an auction and the domain names will be sold by 03.01.2000
There are no more available 2-letters domain names, except these which we offer for sale.

We also collected a list of 1000 very attractive damain names under .COM top level domain. You don't have to pay $10,000 - $400,000 for a domain name! (You can check such prices at There are available short and attractive domain names and we are sure that you will choose the right domain name for you from this list!

The service:
- You can send us as long as you want list of domain names under any supported top level domain. We will check the availability of this list and we will return a complete report!


Yes, I am interested to receive one ore more of the following domains/lists/services:
Please check the desirable domains/lists/services.

1. Domain name for sale 7P.COM
2. Domain name for sale V1.ORG
3. Domain name for sale VP.ORG
4. Domain name for sale X3.NET
5. Domain name for sale XV.ORG
6. Domain name for sale D6.NET
7. Domain name for sale X1.ORG
If you get a domain name you will receive the list 11 for free! ($99.50 value!)

8. List of available 3-letter domain names .COM (Price: $19.50)
9. List of available 3-letter domain names .NET (Price: $19.50)
10. List of available 3-letter domain names .ORG (Price: $19.50)
If you order the lists 8, 9 and 10 the price will be $39.50 - 3 for the price of 2! ($19.50 value!)

11. List of 1000 available attractive domain names! (Price: $99.50)
If you order this list you will receive one of the lists 8, 9 or 10 by your choice for free! ($19.50 value!)

12. Custom list of any domain names under any top level domain. ($0.09 per domain (1-150 domain names), $0.07 (more than 100 domain names), not less than $9.50)

My name is
My e-mail address is
I would like to order the selected items. Please send me more details and the Billing and Delivery Policy.

4. FAQ

Q: What is WHOIS?
A: The WHOIS service provides a way to check availability of a domain name.

Q: What is a domain name?
A: A domain name is unique name which usually represents the organization. It consists of two parts. For example "" - "your-name" is your preferred name for the domain name and ".COM" is the top level domain.

Q: Which domain names are valid?
A: Valid domain names are:
- 26 character maximum including the 4 characters used to indentify the top level domain such as .COM, .NET, .ORG
- may contain letters, digits, and a dash ("-")
- cannot begin or end with a dash

Q: What is ""?
A: This is a fully qualified domain name. It must have a corresponding IP addres which identifies each mashine on the Internet. In most cases is your World Wide Web server.

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